International words in Polish

International graphicsThere is a lot of international words in Polish. It means that you will understand their meaning, even if you don’t speak Polish. Because international word (called an internationalism) has the same or similar meaning and spelling in several languages. They have appeared because some language has a strong influence on other languages. In the former ages, international words came to Polish from:

Greek – alphabet (pol. alfabet), analyst (pol. analityk), biology (biologia), lamp (pol. lampa)
Latin – document (pol. dokument), register (pol. rejestr), theatre (pol. teatr), university (uniwersytet)
French – baguette (pol. bagietka), bouquet (pol. bukiet), cognac (pol. koniak), mayonnaise (majonez)
Italian – fountain (pol. fontanna), loggia (pol. loggia), mafia (pol. mafia), pizza (pol. pizza)

Nowadays, English is the source of international words or just loanwords taken into Polish. English words occur in almost all semantic fields, especially in various technical fields. There is a tendency in Polish and among Poles, to use English technical vocabulary instead of Polish equivalents.

What do we borrow from English?

Try to cover up the column with English words and guess the meaning.

English Polish English Polish
badminton badminton bobsleigh bobslej
champion czampion derby derby
doping doping jockey dżokej
match mecz scooter skuter
sparring sparing tennis tenis
blues blues country country
disco disco jazz jazz
playback playback rap rap
rock rock techno techno
Technology and business
byte bajt business biznes
boss boss disk dysk
to estimate estymować dealer dealer
computer komputer to install instalować
leasing leasing manager menadżer
ranking ranking server serwer
scanner skaner sponsor sponsor
blender blender cheeseburger cheeseburger
dip dip dressing dressing
drink drink grill grill
hamburger hamburger cocktail koktajl
steak stek toast tost
body body jeans dżinsy
leggings legginsy hypermarket hypermarket
market market sex shop sex shop
shopping shopping T-shirt T-shirt

I used:
Wielki słownik poprawnej polszczyzny

photo. Agnieszka Ziomko